Fly Fishing Guide Andros, Bahamas

Hermon Bain has over 20 years experience as a bonefish guide on Andros.   You will have a great time regardless of fly fishing skill level.  He guides all fishermen/women including first timers as well as seasoned experts.  Whether wading the immense hard sand flats of Andros or poling the boat through mangroves, bonefish will show you why they are referred to as “ghost fish”.  Hermon knows Andros.  Depending on the length of your stay he can guide many different areas. Including: Bowen Sound, The entire East coast of Andros, the Jolters, and the West Side.  See PhotosHermon knows the local waters as well as anyone.  Having learned bonefishing from his father, he started poling as a child. He began guiding professionally at the age of 26.  Before going independent he was a bonefish guide for the prestigious Kamalame Cay, a luxury resort on North Andros. Hermon and his wife Antoinette host a memorable experience with home cooked meals and very nice accommodations just minutes away from the boat ramp.  The town of Fresh Creek is close by as well. Be prepared for days of nonstop action as Hermon loves to guide and has a high level of enthusiasm for finding bonefish.  He not only catches lots of bonefish, but also enjoys socializing with his guests and has countless stories about life on the island.


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Why should I use an Andros guide?

Do-it-yourself can be rewarding but your time is valuable on Andros and travel opportunities to the island are limited.

  • Bonefish guides will see many more fish than the intermediate angler will.  The trained eye is much more likely to spot that large single fish sitting still or barely moving.
  • A skilled guide will know exactly how to approach moving schools and offer the best opportunity to get quality shots at bonefish.
  • The bonefish guide will get you to remote spots not reachable by wading alone.
  • Instruction.  A quality guide will not make you feel inadequate in any way.  Everyone has their own skill level and the guide should cater to his guests’ needs.
  • Your Andros guide will notice things like the sun location and shadows.  Bonefish may spook if your line casts a shadow while fly fishing.
  • Two sets of eyes will be able to look in different directions and spot bonefish approaching from behind the angler as well as from the sides and front.
  • Wind direction will carry sound differently.  Bonefish will hear you coming if downwind, and you may be able to get closer if upwind.
  • Using a guide will offer ample opportunities to find bonefish all day long.  It is a fact you can only wade at certain tides around Andros.  The guide knows the tides. You will not waste any time and will get the most wading and boat time.  When the tide floods the flats you will fish off the boat in the mangroves and deeper water.
  • On the boat your guide will present opportunities at not only bonefish, but also many other species of fish such as barracuda, permit, and tarpon. Permit and tarpon mostly on the West Side of Andros. Difficult getting over there DIY.
  • Safety- fish with guide and you will immediately have a buddy if a medical emergency arises.
  • A good tip will get you local knowledge of DIY spots and secret locations you may never find on Andros alone.

More on Andros Fly Fishing

There are a number of very good reasons that Andros Island is called the “Bonefishing Capital of the World.”  Large numbers of bonefish inhabit many different areas around the island.  The average size of bonefish on Andros is 4 to 6 pounds.  Larger than the average size in other well known areas, such as the Florida Keys and Belize.  You probably have a better chance of catching a Trophy Bone, 8 to 10 pounds or more, on Andros Island than anywhere else on the planet.There are many different types of water to fish, all illustrating the awesome beauty of the Bahamas. Hermon provides everything you need to experience the challenge and exhilaration of bonefishing at its best. Excellent, highly experienced guiding, comfortable accommodations, and excellent food.  He will meet all of your needs while you fish the beautiful waters of the Bahamas, chasing bonefish on miles of flats.His accommodations feature four apartments with a spacious gathering and dining facility for breakfast, lunch, dinners, lies, and libations.  In addition to enjoying a wide range of bonefishing experiences, you will sleep comfortably and eat well.  You will dine on a wide range of seafood caught in local waters and other fine food.  There is also the option of camping at various locations (with most camping equipment and all food provided) while you fish different areas of Andros. Hermon has been camping all over Andros Island since he was a boy and knows all the best spots.Many feel that bonefish are pound for pound the strongest of all fish.  Their heart-pounding runs will have the line screaming off your reel.  Their spookiness will challenge your skills of stalking and presentation.  Now that summer is approaching, it’s time to start thinking about Tarpon and Permit.  There are resident Tarpon, but the summer brings large numbers of migratory Tarpon too.  The fishing pressure on the West Side is light, so these Tarpon are much easier to catch than those in the Florida Keys.  Permit are found in steadily increasing numbers in Fresh Creek as the summer progresses.  Summer fishing can be some of the best there is.Hopefully our website will provide helpful information. We cater to those who love fly fishing for bonefish and want to learn more about Andros Island and the wonderful bonefishing it offers.  Our goal is to stimulate those bonefishers who have not yet experienced Hermon’s Andros Bonefishing.  As well as those fly fishers who have not yet experienced the thrill of bonefishing.Contact us and make arrangements to have a fly fishing adventure you will never forget.  Hermon’s Andros Bonefishing Phone: 1-242-471-6870 (Dial like USA number) Bowen Sound Andros Island, BAHAMAS

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